Case Study: End-to-End management of a Youtube Talk Show – India Power Talk

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The introduction

India Power Talk is a digital platform conducting a Webinar series for international leaders in various disciplines to share their insights, strategies and experience in areas like economics, environment and education.

The initial objective

During the difficult times around COVID19 pandemic, M&A Lawyer Nitin Potdar decided to create a discussion forum where top leaders from different industries came together and discussed different challenges and solutions for the businesses.

The requirements

The client wanted an agency who can take singular responsibility for all the following activities:

  • Youtube channel management
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Social media

The solution

Youtube channel management services

With the help our partners and freelancers, CrossNibble planned and executed the curation of video content. This included:

Production activities

CrossNibble used to get the recorded sessions via Google Drive. We executed the following activities

  1. Video editing – Cropping, rearranging the sessions within the video, putting it in the theme, making voice and frame corrections
  2. Content publishing – Scheduling the premiere, writing title and descriptions, ensuring the subtitles are properly generated and correct hashtags are used for each video, Sending email notifications to the newsletter subscribers

Post-production activities

We repurposed the content in a number of ways.

  1. Breaking the videos in small sessions capturing only specific questions and answers and then posting the videos on YouTube and social media.
  2. Capturing specific statements of the speaker and preparing social media posts in the form of quotes

Website development

As CrossNibble was involved from the beginning of the project, we had a clear understanding of the expectations of the client and target audience. We worked closely with the clients to prepare the structure of the website. While the design of the website was prepared by a partner organization, CrossNibble executed the development and maintenance of the website.

Check the website:

Social media management

CrossNibble team also managed the social media activities for India Power Talk. This included:

  1. Preparation of content calendar
  2. Curating the content – videos, post captions, hashtags, etc.
  3. Posting the content on a regular basis on all social media platforms
  4. Tracking progress of the engagement

The client’s testimonial

“CrossNibble team has a very good experience in terms of understanding our requirements and setting up the expectations and executing the work. They have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of websites and social media and have a good team and partner network that helped me execute the work in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services to everyone.” – Nitin Potdar, Founder, India Power Talk

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