Case study: Developed a custom web application to track and evaluate the work of employees across different projects

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Note: The client didn’t want us to mention their name in the case study as he didn’t want to reveal the internal operation of their team. Hence, we haven’t added their reference here.

The introduction

The concerned person is a serial entrepreneur. His resources work on multiple development projects of several initiatives under him. The interested parties in the development projects are different hence, it became difficult to keep track of the time contribution and performance evaluation of each resource.

He checked various online tools related to time and project management but couldn’t find a suitable tool for his application.

The challenge

Keeping track of employee activities working on different projects.

The problem definition

To find which resource performed what kind of tasks on which projects and for how much time. Also, generate the report of the tasks performed during a particular period for assessing the productivity of each resource.

The approach

Step 1: Identification of different user roles
Step 2: Defining the scope of activities for each user type
Step 3: Ideation on User Journey Map
Step 4: Finalization of technologies
Step 5: UI prototyping
Step 6: Web application development
Step 7: Testing
Step 8: Deployment
Step 9: Maintenance

The solution

CrossNibble developed a web application with 2 user roles – Admin and Employee. The project was delivered within a week after the finalization of the scope.

Admin can

  • Create employee profiles
  • Add and edit different projects
  • Add task types under each project
  • Assign employees to the project
  • Download task report of each project and employee

Employee can

  • See the list of projects assigned to the profile
  • Record the tasks daily – the system records the start time, end time, task type, and summary of the task

Admin then processes the task data using Google Spreadsheet with the help of Pivot Tables.

The tech stack

The web application uses the following Tech Stack

  • LAMP VPS hosted on Digital Ocean
  • MySQL database
  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • MaterializeCss

The future developments

Currently, the system is accessible via the Web interface, and the reports are processed in Google Spreadsheet.

As the employees are using the system actively, the Admin and CrossNibble team are working together to identify and find solutions to the common mistakes and also to ideate new functionality to be added to the system.

We are planning to

  • Add custom web-based reports in the web application itself so the admin can check reports without the help of Google Spreadsheets.
  • Develop Progressive Web App or Mobile Application so the employees can record their tasks without the need to log in every time they visit the system.
  • Alerts employees when they miss deadlines or forget to record or end the tasks.

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