Convert your digital presence into a fully functional Lead Generation Machine

A process to set up synergy between Inbound and Outbound marketing channels to maximise the potential of lead generation for your business

How it works

Creating a Lead Generation Machine is long term process and does not have fixed formula.
The process differs from brands to brands. Have a look at common steps in building a Lead Generation Machine

Understanding the complete business case

Understanding the complete business case is important for taking informed decision. Our team works closely with you to understand important business aspects.
This includes but not limited to
– Target Market
– Audience Segments
– Products, Services and Offerings
– Pains points of the customers
– Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts of the customers
– Current sales cycle
– Current challenges in sales
– Inhouse capabilities
– Branding guidelines
– Current CRM data

Auditing existing marketing channels

Understanding the current status of existing marketing channels is essential for finding the opportunities for improvements.
– Inbound and outbound channel audit
– SWOT analysis
– Channel optimisation opportunities

Finding new marketing channels

New marketing channels offer new opportunities to reach our target audience and showcase our products/service in different ways.
– Prepare the list of new marketing channels
– Identify the potential of those channels
– Scoring the channels based on priority

Preparation of strategy

Establishing a common understanding is essentials for properly optimising the sales and marketing funnels
– Define the Objectives and Goals
– Prepare the roadmap
– Define the taxonomies
– Budget and resource allocation
– Timeline preparation
– Reporting

CRM integration

All the marketing channels should be integrated with a common CRM for processing the data.
– Integrate the CRM
– Add attribution
– Add automated flows

Sales tracking

Sales team plays a major role in the entire process. A properly defined sales cycle is necessary.
– Define sales funnel
– Dashboards for sales performance tracking