Website & Web Application Development

Websites & web application development is one of the key areas of expertise of CrossNibble Technologies. With more than 4 years of experience in the field, we develop full fledged websites which your competitor will always be envious of. With the help of latest trends and technologies, you will be able to set a very good impact on your clients/customers.

Our key features:

  1. Responsive websites

    Making your websites compatible with all the devices is one of the key principles that needs to be followed in order to create a good impact on your customers. We develop user friendly, responsive websites with optimized UX (user experience) that gives complete satisfaction to our clients.

  2. Dynamic websites/CMS

    Due to Content Management System (CMS), the demand of dynamic websites has increased rapidly in the last few years. CMS helps in managing and tracking the behavior of content on the website seamlessly.

  3. Static websites

    Though many business owners are going for dynamic websites, a static website will always be a good option for small businesses who don’t require to handle large data through their websites.

  4. SEO friendly design

    Search Engine’s guidelines need to be followed while developing the website for better search engine rankings. Our SEO friendly coding technique helps in On-page SEO and improves raking of the web pages.

  5. Web applications

    Web application is a new trend followed by many business applications. It is a website that gives all the functionalities of desktop or mobile applications. You can interact with your users in real time, answer queries, sell products, get reviews and many more with a web application.

Technologies used

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, MaterializeCss, Laravel PHP framework, MySql database, Wordpress


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