Case study: Complete revamp of a leading CFD services company in US – AnSight

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The introduction

AnSight is a CFD Solutions provider company that provides engineering insights through CFD analysis. Having a distinguished career and work history in the field, their primary focus for digital activities was to increase their presence online.

The initial objective

AnSight wanted to outsource Search Engine Optimization and the maintenance of the website to CrossNibble. So, we did an SEO and Technical audit of the website.

Audit report

During the audit, we found the following issues on the website

  • UI and UX – The UI was not intuitive and had a very poor User Experience.
    • Poor Visual hierarchy
    • Cluttered layout
    • Inconsistency in spacing, font sizes, and colors
  • On-page SEO – The website was following most of the on-page SEO guidelines.
  • Content – While the keyword frequency was optimal, we found certain areas where content and visual elements could be placed to persuade the user to take action on the website.
  • Website Structure
    • Broken Links
    • Wrong internal linking

The critical issue

The previous website was developed using a FREE WordPress theme and more than 60 different plugins were used for different purposes. Also, some custom changes were made by the previous developer, and the documentation of those changes was not available.

Keeping WordPress code, theme code, and plugins updated is important for the website to function properly. This minimizes critical security risks and improves performance.

As the documentation was not available about those changes, upgrading WordPress, theme, and plugins was a risky job as it could break some functionalities of the website.

The use of untrustworthy themes and plugins can also damage the performance and possibly the reputation of the website. If the theme or plugin code is poorly developed, hackers can inject malware into the website and can also steal the data of your website users.

The CrossNibble team shared all these facts with AnSight and recommended revamping the website which would take care of all the above factors.

The objectives

We agreed to revamp the website with the following objectives

  • Minimum plugins
  • Better security protocol
  • Improved navigation
  • Improved readability and scannability
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Improved engagement on the website

The approach

To achieve this, CrossNibble executed this project in the following steps:

Step 1: Understanding the business
Step 2: Audience Research
Step 3: Content Research
Step 4: Website prototyping
Step 5: Website development
Step 6: Testing and minor changes to the UI and content
Step 7: Deployment
Step 8: Ongoing maintenance

The solution

In November 2020, we delivered a brand new website to AnSight.

Old homepage

New homepage developed by CrossNibble

The client’s feedback

“We hired Pankaj and his team from CrossNibble to revise our company’s (AnSight LLC) website. We are quite impressed by the professionalism and experience of CrossNibble. Not only did they understand our needs, but also made valuable suggestions to develop a unique customer-centric design. With their development approach, they delivered a website that satisfies our requirements while covering UX and SEO guidelines. I highly recommend their services.” – Kishor Khankari, President, AnSight LLC

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