Microsite Development

Develop microsite for your offline activations and events

Microsites are mainly developed for activations or events that facilitate engagement with your audience for a shorter period. The purpose is to promote only a few objectives of the business. These objectives include a service, product, events, research, competitions, etc.

These websites are light-weight and require automation, advanced analytics, efficiency data capture, and intuitive UI/UX to drive maximum engagement.

What can you do with a Microsite?

Lead Generation

Generate leads for your business. Connect the microsite forms directly to your CRM so your sales team can take it forward. 

Audience Engagement

Run quizzes or competitions on the microsite or provide the information of competitions conducted by you offline.

Audience Research

Conduct surveys on your target audiences and collect responses to analyze it later for your audience research purpose.

Product Promotions

Build a custom landing page to promote your product or specific features of your product online.

Our Tech Stack

Microsites developed by CrossNibble


Corporate Conference




Informative website to showcase event agenda and also record registration for the event


Offline brand activation in college campuses




Communicate when the brand is coming to a particular campus, allow the users to register for the test ride, upload their photos and showcase the same on the website. The microsite also has an admin dashboard to view the user activities per campus.

How we work


Requirement Gathering

Depending on the products, services and objectives of the business, we prepare the Requirement Document.


Finalize the Scope

We finalize the scope of the project from the requirements gathered during the first stage. We also decide the features, functionalities and technologies in this stage.



We prepare the wireframes/prototypes to help you understand how the website will look. We start the next process only after you are satisfied with the suggested designs/layouts.


Resource Allocation & Scheduling

Depending on the defined scope and wireframes, resources are allocated for the development of the project and timelines are prepared accordingly.


Coding & Implementation

Content writers, designers and coders work simultaneously to develop the project as defined in the scope. The project is kept in test environment where only the developers and client can see the progress.


Testing & Debugging

Unit, Integration and User Acceptance Testings are done by the tester team. Depending on their report, developer team debugs the code and solves the errors in the project.


Final Approval & Deployment

In this stage, we give you the demo of entire project. After your approval, the project is deployed in the production environment.



We solve any errors reported by the client or end-users of the project in this stage.

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