Workflow Automation

Building low-code or no-code custom workflows to support your business operations

We understand the importance of automation in your business processes. With our workflow automation services, we help you integrate 3rd-party libraries and tools in your system that help your automate your workflows.


  • Low maintenance – Low-code or no-code workflows require low maintenance as all the heavy-lifting is done by the third-party libraries and tools
  • No upfront cost – Most of the workflow automation tools that we work with do not require upfront commitment in terms of costs and resources.
  • Simpler implementation as compared to bespoke systems – Building a bespoke system requires a lot of effort, and resources, hence incurs higher costs and requires larger timelines. With workflow automation tools, we can go live within a month. Some simpler workflows can go live within a week’s time.
  • Documentation – You get complete documentation of the architecture and setup so your team can maintain the workflow afterwards.

Scope of Workflow Automation

CRM Automation

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) are in integral part of any business. With CRM automation workflows, you can reduce a lot of manual work in the CRM, allowing your team to focus on the things that matter the most in the sales and customer service processes.

With CRM Automation, one can achieve the following:

  • Automatically capture the leads into CRM from website contact forms, WhatsApp Business accounts, Social Media lead generation ads, meeting scheduling services like Calendly, Survey forms, etc.
  • Auto-assignment of the leads to specific departments or team members based on the type of enquiry.
  • Automate lead scoring based on various user actions and system triggers.
  • Automatically capture deals in the CRM. The source can be your WordPress or any CMS website, third-party billing software like Zoho Books, Booking engines, custom product/landing pages developed on payment gateways, etc.

Email Automation

Nurturing existing and potential customers is essential for generating new business and also for cross-sell and up-sell. With Email automation, you can send specific targeted communication to your contacts sharing relevant and meaningful information that translates into more business.

With Email Automation, one can achieve the following:

  • Auto-segment the users based on their interactions with you.
  • Setup email sequences to send various communications to them based on the user segment. E.g. If a customer purchases a product from you, from the day of purchase send automated emails that help the customer understand the features and functionality of the product and take the most benefit out of it.
  • Add conditional logic to email sequences to send more relevant communication
  • Auto-record lead score in the CRMs based on the customers’ interactions to email sequences

Messaging Automation

Messaging applications are the most frequently used application in today’s time. Customers seeks answers to their questions via Chat applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Many customers interact with the brands on Facebook and Instagram messages also.

With Messaging Automation, one can achieve the following:

  • Configure auto-responses to commonly asked questions
  • Send important updates related customer’s enquiry, support requests, product availability, shipping, etc. via WhatsApp messages or SMS
  • Cross-sell and up-sell product messaging based on the customer’s past purchase history
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