Exponential growth hack: Learning Management System for Multi-level Marketing companies

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Multi-level marketing companies thrive on the network that they build for selling their products. As the network itself helps sell the product, the bigger the network, the more profits that they earn.

The biggest challenge is to scale the network. In a typical Multi-level or network marketing company, one person has a minimum of 2 or 3 in their immediate downline. The newly added member adds people under their downline and the cycle continues.

The biggest challenge

Consider every person added to the network as a node. Each node should have the following capabilities:

  1. Should have a good network
  2. Should be able to communicate about the products/service and business model to people
  3. Should be participating in the networking activities
  4. Should be a good communicator

The biggest challenge in this industry is the ability to communicate. If the person does not possess good communication skills and feels shy while reaching out to new people, the person can not grow his network and that affects the spread of network marketing business.

More granular issue: Communicating outdated information

A person may be a good communicator. But they may not be a communicator for the business. Business models keep on changing. Your product offerings, schemes, and many other things keep on evolving. If the marketer in your network does not keep themself updated with these changes, they might end up communicating outdated information.

This misguides prospective network marketers and reduces the chances of getting more people into the system.

What is the solution to this?

Build a marketing system for your network.

It is a Learning Management System combined with Marketing Tools that empowers the network to increase their reach and connect within their network with less effort.

Why a Learning Management System?

The LMS focuses on solving the following challenges:

  • Communication – Pre-recorded videos by a person who is good at communication help the potential network marketers understand the system better and it also helps the downline in converting more people into the system.
  • Information – If the network uses LMS for educating its people, then it becomes easy for the network leader to update the information whenever they want and this will allow us to share the latest and relevant information into the network
  • Automated reminders – It is important that the potential network marketers consume all the information at an adequate level. The LMS can track the progress of every newly added potential person in the network and send them timely reminders so they get to know the system better.
  • Customized final step – Every prospect has to sign up into the network at the final step under the same network marketer who invited them. The final step can have the instructions that will guide the prospect to sign up under that network marketer.

What marketing capabilities this system can offer?

  • Personalize pages for every network marketer – This will allow every network marketer to promote their branding and emerge as a leader in network marketing.
  • Easy communication with the prospects – Once a prospect signs up on the LMS, if the prospects have any doubts, they can directly talk to the Network marketer who contacted them from the system itself.
  • Tailored communication based on user engagement – Depending on the type of engagement that the prospect has done with the system, the system can keep sending reminders and marketing emails to the users so they will be converted into customers.
  • Personalized communications – The admin of the marketing system can upload creatives to be used on different occasions. The system can then further modify those creatives to incorporate the personal branding of the network marketer.


Network marketing is not simple. Creating an ecosystem that will allow everyone regardless of their knowledge and experience to grow in this field can increase the overall strength of the network.

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